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GCUE is established to be a highly regarded academic institution with excellent links with local and international academic institutions.

GCUE is a licensed office from Ministry of Higher Education in Kuwait. Our activities focus mainly on the recruitment of Kuwaiti and international students through recruiters based in various countries. Our operations extend beyond Arab World limits to Institutions in The UK, The USA, Australia, and Canada. GCUEs reputation for quality is not only built through recruiting students internationally, it is also built through:


BA (Bachelor of Arts)
BSc (Bachelor of Science)
BEng (Bachelor of Engineering)
BArch (Bachelor of Architecture)

Undergraduate Courses

In the United Kingdom a Bachelor’s Degree normally takes three years to complete. These are some examples of Bachelor’s degrees typically awarded in the UK:-..

MA (Master of Arts)
MSc (Master of Science)
MEng (Master of Engineering)
Mmus (Master of Music)

Postgraduate Courses

The UK is a great country in which to study a Master’s degree because it can be completed in one year as opposed to two years in most other countries. However, Master’s..

Adults English courses
Junior English Courses
Academic English Courses
Business English Courses.

Language Courses

Students who have not got the necessary English language qualifications will receive a conditional offer and can with our help enroll onto an English course at one of our partner l..

Foundation & Pre-Masters

Some students may not automatically qualify to study a degree in the UK with their overseas qualifications. In some cases students may be required to complete a foundation course. ..

DBA (Doctor of Business Administration)
PhD or DPhil (Doctor of Philosophy)
DEd (Doctor of Education)
EngD (Doctor of Engineering)

PHD & Doctorate

GCUE is able to help students apply for PHD and Doctorate level courses at our partner universities. They are typically between 3 and 4 years in length. Some examples of Doctorate ..

How to Apply

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